Let’s admit it, traveling is life but FOOD IS LIFER! It is no doubt, traveling is best when you combine it with savory food offered at your next travel destination. If you are considering Cebu in your next itinerary, then this blog is for you to read. Here, I will tell you 5 of Cebu’s best delicacies that will leave you drooling.

Cebu is famous for its rich culture and heritage, historic tourist attractions, home of pristine white sand beaches and of course a haven of warm and generous Cebuano’s. Aside from that, Cebu is popular for its dainty specialties that will surely make your mouth water in hunger.

TOP 5 Best Delicacies in Cebu:



Cebu Best Delicacies

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First thing first when you visit Cebu is to taste their very own Lechon de Cebu or Roasted Pig. This finger licking, most flavorful and the tastiest roasted pig is branded to be the Best all over the world! There are several famous stores that offer its finest Lechon in Cebu namely the Carcar inspired House of Lechon, CNT Lechon, Alejo’s Lechon, Ayer’s Lechon, Zubuchon and many more.



Siomai Sa Tisa

Photo By: Everything Cebu

Siomai sa Tisa is a Chinese origin delicacy and later adapted to become one of Cebu’s trademark food. Siomai sa Tisa has its own distinct taste and flavor. Aside from that, it is also very affordable and ideal for those who are on a tight budget. Located in Tisa Labangon, Siomai sa Tisa has now different stalls in different corners of Cebu City. Surely this is the best Siomai you can find in Cebu City.



Ginabot sa Cebu

Photo By: Joyce Calayag

Ginabot is a finger food usually sold in small stalls and is branded as one of the best street-foods in Cebu City. This crunchy and crispylicious dish is made of pig’s intestines, sliced and seasoned to taste and dip-fried into perfection. No wonder that for some locals this is considered as the main course due to its mouth-watering taste which is perfect when combined with “puso-rice”. This delicacy will surely satisfy your cravings and if you are on a tight budget this is also perfect for you. Price for Ginabot is ranging from Php10 – Php15 only.



Cebu Best Delicacies

Photo By: Travels with a Hobo

This is probably one of the most unique food that the Cebu City has to offer. Tuslob Buwa is an exotic food made from the Pig’s brain cooked in a huge cooking pan which is spiced up for a rich savory taste! The process of eating this is what makes it the most exciting and probably the weirdest way of eating the dish because you have to literally dip (tuslob) your rice “puso rice’’ in the boiling dish that is why it is called Tuslob Buwa. Sounds weird but it tastes just awesome. This is something that you should never miss when you visit the Queen City of the south.



Cebu Lechon Belly

We talked about Lechon de Cebu all the time but this time let’s talk about Boneless Lechon or the famous Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly. Imagine eating a roasted pork without a bone and all you can taste is the rich flavor combined with spices that are perfectly stuffed in between the meat while it is roasted to perfection, now that is a totally scrumptious food of the gods. That is how this Boneless Lechon would taste like. It is perfect when paired with puso rice and freezing cold sparkle to satisfy your cravings.

Truly, these foods will mystify and would make you wonder how such a man can cook such delicious foods? You got to give these foods a try to complete your experience in the majestic Queen City of the South that offers not only warm and hospitable locals, satisfying and historical attraction but most of all the great food Cebu has to offer.

If these delicacies won’t leave you drooling, I don’t know what will.