With the growing population of travel bloggers these days featuring tons of tourist destinations, it’s not a question why they are consistent in posting varieties of places and travel destinations.

Panoramic images flooding here and there, thanks to their GoPro cameras, their featured places become more and more convincing. So, I tried it myself.

I’ve seen Sirao Garden Little Amsterdam featured several times in different travel websites. As a matter of fact, the most popular personalities visited in the said place recently were the cast of the upcoming movie “Kasal”.

I got so intrigued that I decided to go there to witness it myself.

From transcentral highway, we turned right going to Sirao Garden and encountered a stream of heavy traffic, an obvious evidence of a large number of people coming in and out of Sirao Garden.

Upon reaching the place we were welcomed with another long line at the entrance. Luckily the attendant was quick and we only paid P50 entrance fee for adults.

Finally, we entered the famous Sirao Garden and to my surprise, the place is not as big as what I expect from the pictures I saw online.

Sirao Flowers

It is not as colorful as what it appears to be, and to be branded as “Little Amsterdam”.

The entrance stairs are not big enough so taking pictures would make it a little awkward because there are people waiting on the line.

Sirao 1


Sirao 4


Sirao 5

Overall experience was OKAY, but it’s not as fantastic as how you would see it all over the internet. I’m not saying that the place is bad or it isn’t worth it.

Sirao 6

I think the view is as good as what you paid for. I also just want to set proper expectations of what people are about to see upon getting to the place.

Guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t expect too much from what you see on social media. There can be a huge difference from the actual view.

Mind you, there are several things you can do with Photoshop and picture effects.