Super Easy Bulalo RecipeBy Juvy T.One of my favorite soup recipes is Bulalo. Bulalo is a super tender, fall-off bones beef shank with bone marrow still inside the bone simmered in low heat for hours. It is one of the most popular Filipino dishes because of its satisfying flavor.
Fruity Macaroni Made EasyBy Juvy T.Colorful, sweet, creamy, and super yummy fruity macaroni is our featured recipe for today! Who doesn't love that chewy feeling while eating a macaroni salad? That heavenly taste of nestle cream combined with the sweetness of condensed milk plus the explosion of fruity flavors all in a bowl is total comfort food we all cannot resist!
Authentic Bitsuelas RecipeBy Juvy T.Have you ever been so nostalgic about a dish that you wanted to take on that time travel flight just so you can go back to the past and have another taste of it? Well, I do a lot of times. I've always been nostalgic about how my late mom used to cook for fiestas and other special occasions. It's fascinating how her hands turned all her recipes into a delightful dish.
Turbo Broiled ChickenBy Juvy T.Howdy foodies, here’s my 1 whole turbo broiled Chicken that I cooked amidst covid19 Enhanced Community Quarantine season. I know that some of you received dressed chicken from your respective LGUs as part of the Bayanihan relief effort, well that's good for you!