This blog is all about our first-hand experience at the resort and the reason why we gave them a five-star rating. If you are considering Cebu as your next travel destination, you need to read this article until the very end to know the reasons why you need to include Durhan White Beach in your travel Itinerary.


Branded as the Little Paradise in the northwest of Cebu province, Durhan White Beach is located in Brgy. Tabunok Tabuelan Cebu. It is one of the best white beaches among many other beaches you can find here.

If you are driving your own car, you can use a GPS or Waze for directions to get here. Commuting would take pretty much long hour drive not to mention the city traffic so we rented a van instead to save time and of course for convenience. It only took two and a half hour drive to get here and the scenery was just rewarding.


Originally, we were booked at a different resort. Everything seemed okay and ready only to find out that someone is using our booked reservation when we get there. I called the manager and was told to wait until 12 noon so I ended up asking for a refund which they happened to give right away. We then decided to go to Durhan White Beach.

That was the plot twist turned out to be a blessing in disguise!


Durhan white beach is a family owned beach resort that has been constantly managed by the Duran Family. Surely one of the reasons why the resort’s atmosphere is completely a home away from home.

Durhan white beach offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes which are freshly cooked in the resort’s restaurant. One of the most addictive specialties that would surely make you famished is their very own 1 whole Native Chicken Tinola, a proudly Pinoy recipe that will completely gratify your stay.

The resort accepts day use for walk-in tourists and also provides room accommodation for overnight use for very affordable rates. This is one of the most budget-friendly resorts here in Tabuelan.


There are so many things you can do here. The resort provides function rooms for meetings and special occasions. Several tents and cottages are also available for team buildings. A Gazebo is also available.

Here you can play Billiards, Beach Volleyball, Basketball or even sing your favorite song at the karaoke. If you think you needed a drink, a mini bar is also available here.

Apart from these, you can just enjoy walking barefooted by the shore and experience the magnificent view of the sunset.


My colleagues and I work all in a customer service setting. We pretty much know what customer service is and how it means to us.

When we get there, we were welcomed with a friendly smile. The staffs were warm and accommodating. They were energetic and courteous. They would really make you feel that you are valued.

One guy even goes beyond our expectations by getting us a BBQ grilling stand so that we won’t have to go to the designated grilling area.

Now that’s customer service + travel and hospitality.

Surely deserving of our five-star rating.


This was the best part of our trip to Durhan White Beach.

We were eating, taking selfies, groupies and all other silly things when a lady came over and said happily to one of my colleagues: “excuse me sir, ikaw si ***********” ( excuse me are you **********) And my colleague confirmed and she just said he had to go to the front desk. He went right ahead and when he came back, he just told us that because the owner of the resort knows him, they refunded what we paid for. Literally all of it! How cool is that?

That was epic!


Undoubtedly, Durhan White Beach is a place to stay. I can never find a little piece of paradise as humble and as beautiful as Durhan.

This blog is absolute to no bias at all. For someone like me who work in the field of Travel and Hospitality, this resort only exceeds our expectations and saved us from the hassle the other resort has caused us.

Heed to their website to find great deals and book your reservation now!