5 of Cebu’s Best Delicacies That will leave you Drooling

Let’s admit it, traveling is life but FOOD IS LIFER! It is no doubt, traveling is best when you combine it with savory food offered at your next travel destination. If you are considering Cebu in your next itinerary, then this blog is for [...]

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Why You Need to Include Durhan White Beach in Your Itinerary

This blog is all about our first-hand experience at the resort and the reason why we gave them a five-star rating. If you are considering Cebu as your next travel destination, you need to read this article until the very end to know the [...]

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My Sirao Flower Farm Adventure: Expectation vs. Reality

With the growing population of travel bloggers these days featuring tons of tourist destinations, it’s not a question why they are consistent in posting varieties of places and travel destinations. Panoramic images flooding here and there, thanks to their GoPro cameras, their featured places [...]

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